Kamesthorne , Broadway

Kamesthorne was a dated dormer bungalow of poor design and out of keeping with the Broadway Cotswold Style.

MRT's proposal altered and extended the dwelling along with a new garage building to update the property and enhance its character in it's setting.

The proposal raised the existing house eaves and roof to create a traditional Cotswold steep pitch of 47.5° and extend the house forward over the existing footprint on the south side at two storey to the current single storey line. Two further extensions were added on the East and West side, subservient to the central wing of the house.

The design and layout took into account of the adjoining properties without any overlooking or overbearing issues. Separation distances from the proposed extension to these houses are in excess of Planning Guidelines. Equally the new garage is also some distance away from neighbours boundary and houses. The house ridge height has increased to match the ridge heights of neighbouring houses, the dwelling has a contemporary feel with a traditional appearance and architectural detail.

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